Green World Bags Limited Xiamen Haicang,China
ADD:Zhong lin li#68, Haicang, Xiamen, Fujian,China
Office tel:(86)0592-6514818

About Us

Green World Bags LTD. Located in Xiamen, China. We are GWB and we would like to help you with any projects that you might have relating to Bags. We specialize in Back Packs, Trolley bags, Hand bags, Shopping bags, Cosmetic bags, Lap Top bags. We have clients in the U.S.A., Canada, AUS, Europe and Asia. And we would like to invite you to look at our Catalogue, so you can see some of the products that we have produced in the past. Please note that we are a factory that wants to help the environment around the planet by providing bag products. Our 110 employees and 17 QC (quality control) employees Dep. are always looking to provide you with the best quality products.
At the same time:
· Green World bags LTD. prides itself on only using top quality materials for our clients.
· Green World bags LTD. will give the very best service possible to its clients.
· Green World bags LTD. absolutely guarantees all orders produced by our factory.
· Green World bags LTD. believes that on time delivery is a very vital issue for our clients and will do everything in its power to provide deliveries as promised.
· In the interest of being environmentally friendly, Green World bags LTD. offers Water Based Printing Inks that do not contain Lead.
· The management of Green World bags LTD. has over 20 years of experience in producing all kinds of bags.
· We have set 3 Quality Control stations to guarantee you the utmost in quality and packing.
· Lead Time: Based on Quantity Ordered (We will advise).
GWB puts out over 80,000 units out every month, so we can handle large order you give us.
· Minimum Order Quantity: Depending on size (normally 2,000 pcs.)
· please send us the following information so we can quote and give you the best prices possible.
- Size: in inches or cm of bag that you would like quotation for.
- Printing: how many colours on 1 side or 2 sides.
- Quantity
- Shipping info
- Other Data such as handles, zippers, cardboard or plastic board for bottom of bags.
· Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this introductory Letter.
Please let us know how we can best service you. Thank you!!!